Flowering Cherry in Wycombe Cemetery

Access Applications

Flowering Cherry in Wycombe Cemetery

Bughound: a testing tool. Developed 1997-99

Tennis Club Manager: developed for Elite Sport Ltd

Film Rights 99: developed for Elite Sport Ltd

Counselling Agency Appointments System

Drug Information Database. It may be consulted online free of charge via DID Global.

Various experimental applications

Diary software for journals and appointments. Free download available.

An IT aptitude test, based on the notion of asking the candidate to test a piece of software.

CopySeal, licensing and copy protection package for Access applications.

Risk Analysis Tool, developed for consultants Pondergrove Ltd to assist in implementing BS7799.

Pre-op Questionnaire, developed for an NHS hospital to assess risk of surgery to patients with various conditions

Thanks to The Access Developer's Handbook, published by Sybex and written by Paul Litwin, Ken Getz, Mike Gilbert, especially for Ken's support.

Access 97 Developer's Handbook     Access2000 Developer's Handbook

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Photos: cherry blossom time in High Wycombe.