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copy protection and licensing for MS Access databases

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Copy Protection


It’s possible to create high-value application packages in Microsoft Access. It’s worth protecting your investment by preventing users from making unauthorised copies.

CopySeal can ensure that each copy of the application program is registered for one and only one hard disk serial number. Re-registration on a different computer is effected simply with an exchange of encrypted reference numbers between customer and supplier.

Alternatively, CopySeal can allow the protected program to run on any computer.

CopySeal lets you issue your software with an expiry date. This lets your users  download the fully functioned product on a "try-before-you-buy" basis: or you could provide them with a free trial CD-ROM. It also lets you license the software for any defined time period, should you wish.

Time-limited licence

Software feature control

CopySeal lets you distribute the same version of software to every user, though each user may be granted access to a different range of features, according to their individual requirements. This makes the software easier to maintain. To change the range of features offered on the software, you can simply email them a new licence file.

You can include in each software licence a set of unique names and bitmaps - whatever you choose. These are to discourage a user from attempting to share the software with unauthorised users, as well as giving each copy of the software the distinction of  unique logos, e.g. for a company, club or charity organisation.

Logos and badging

For more information

Write to me expressing the nature of your interest and a little about yourself or your organisation. A new version of Copyseal, on more up-to-date principles, has been developed in 2006. So this page is out of date.

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