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The problem was to design some software which would allow its user to generate an electronic questionnaire, to be filled in via a web-page, via a downloadable program or via a paper form.

The solution was a program written in MS Access which could generate forms and tables as specified by user parameters.

QUEST3.jpg (86488 bytes)

This form shows part of the parameters to specify a page

.QUEST2.jpg (137041 bytes)

This form  gives details of the page

QUEST1.jpg (106091 bytes)

This form shows part of a questionnaire generated from the parameters



The feasibility of E-form, demonstrated in a fully-working prototype, gave rise to an idea for an even more generic software, called Idealist. It's a software idea for the expression of ideas and it works via lists. Idea-list.

It is completely versatile. Just as E-form has the plasticity to produce any kind of questionnaire, Idealist has the plasticity to produce any combination of lists. You customise it to whatever purpose you have in mind.

Idealist fulfils the promise made by databases thirty years ago, that you could simply throw in the data anyhow, and organise it later. It gives you the privilege (which should be your right) of presenting the data in the grouping and sequence that you want, regardless of the underlying data structure dictated by the various record formats.


Underlying the user interface and functional capabilities of Idealist are a number of mechanisms and controls:


Doesn't exist yet! Sponsors / collaborators sought.


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