Gardener and Blue Gum Tree, Beaconsfield

Gardener and Blue Gum Tree, Beaconsfield

Shuttle diplomacy Working at Eurotunnel was fun! This piece summarises why I was there.

Meeting with Public Affairs - full of irony. Viewed from this distance in time it's directed against everyone, including myself.

Fuming dans le Shuttle - a little pedagogical play demonstrating the virtues of the company's complaints system.

The Carriage of Disabled Passengers on Tourist Shuttles - a consultant's report on an important if neglected topic.

Reduction of Double-Deck Dwell-time A detailed paper, combining logistics, railway management, statistical control and customer care. A hot issue in November 1994 when Le Shuttle was tentatively exploring live operation. Now surely historical but still worth reading.

The Trouble with Problems - my attempt to produce a persuasive leaflet about the wonders of problem management systems. It was never issued, being rather too philosophical for a real-world organisation, and even for Eurotunnel in the hectic days prior to La Grande Ouverture.

Grenfell Road, Beaconsfield. A gardener tends his front garden in October 2003, under the drooping fronds of a Blue Gum (eucalyptus) tree.

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