Puddle in road: sun after rain

Letters and Journals

Puddle in road: sun after rain

These journals were mostly scribbled in notebooks by hand. Often they were typed up only so as to be sent in letters. But maybe Iíll type up some more, just to put them in here.

My definition of a journal: it reflects the here and now of its composition, though it may be any kind of reflection, including reminiscences of the distant past or philosophical musings. But it differs from other literary forms in being spontaneous, not heavily polished or edited.

From Borneo - a visit to Pulao Manukan, 2002

Of Wasps, Angels and Field-mice, High Wycombe 2002. Written as a letter (i.e. an email) from my backyard

From St Michael's Green: Engineering or Angels?

From St Michaels Green: a Magical Place

A letter: which partly explains the origins of this site

My new blog

Clips at left and right: the sun came out after heavy rain, and everything was magical, even the puddles in a busy road. High Wycombe, March 2004

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