Housing 21, Beaconsfield

John Cowper Powys

Housing 21, Beaconsfield

Wood and Stone *

Review of his first novel.

Owen Glendower *

Review of the novel.

Peg Frampton

The tale of a minor character from John Cowper Powys' novel, Weymouth Sands.

John o’ Saturn meets Women from Earth

A review of John Cowper Powys' Autobiography, looking especially at how he writes about women.

For more on Powys, see Jacqueline Peltier's site www.powys-lannion.net. Mme Peltier has published the articles marked with * above on her site and/or in her biannual journal, La Lettre Powysienne.

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Clips at left and right from a photo of the headquarters of Housing 21 in Beaconsfield, near High Wycombe.