Authoring helptext

Writing helptext is one of those "humble" tasks that is worth some love and care, for it helps keep the world's wheels greased and can make someone's day. I would like to think i was the world's best. Of course the excellence of the result is to some extent dependent on budget. I used to avoid technical authoring because the fee rates were low compared with other work in IT. Nowadays, in semi-retirement, that's not a consideration!

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Editing of academic papers

The following are extracts from a paper submitted to a symposium on "Consuming Crafts", edited in Microsoft Word and by hand to improve the flow and clarity of an author whose native language was not English. I was fascinated by this paper describing rural crafts in Indonesia, and these moths, and the special kinds of silk produced from them.
Attacus AtlasCricula Trifenestrata - illustration by kind permission of Kirby Wolfe